The values




Passing down values from generation to generation forms the foundation of the Group.
A legacy of tradition drives its contemporary vision, inspiring a vast search into innovation
and foresight for the future.



A characteristic in every brand within the TOD'S Group, quality is the fundamental feature that sets the collections apart, inspiring it to develop products that are never less than flawless.




A set of values which go far beyond the product, marrying together everything the TOD'S Group does. Pioneers of an approach based on ethics and responsible action, the Group is constantly committed to projects designed to care for and protect people, the environment and cultural heritage.



Exceptional craftsmanship

The spirit of craftsmanship in its highest and purest form drives the production process for the TOD'S Group. Its very own code of excellence is linked to Italy’s inimitable know-how, a distinctive feature across all the Group’s iconic products.

Made in Italy

The Group’s artisan traditions, infallible search for excellence and superb quality encapsulate Italy’s finest, most authentic manufacturing traditions which are at the very essence of the TOD'S Group - through an unbreakable bond with its local roots.