Tod's Group supports the LEIDAA Association

Tod's Group announces its support for the LEIDAA Association @leidaa_italia, Lega Italiana Difesa Animali e Ambiente, which operates throughout Italy to promote the recognition of animal rights and environmental protection.

Recognising the importance of animal protection, Tod's Group actively supports the LEIDAA Association in its mission to prevent and combat stray animals, also fuelled by the disgraceful phenomenon of abandonment during the summer season.


Tod's Group Chairman, Mr. Diego Della Valle said: “We are happy to support the LEIDAA Association in their important work. All of us who love animals, want to do everything we can to protect them and their life.”


Contributing to fund awareness programs and tangible actions to fight these phenomena and ensure respect and protection, Tod's Group's donation aims to raise awareness encouraging everyone to support the cause.

Make a donation via this link: donate now





Corso Venezia, 30, 20121 Milano

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