Cultural support


Respecting and promoting cultural heritage are crucial commitments for the TOD'S Group, as seen in a series of future-oriented projects supporting arts and culture.


Restoring the Colosseum


The TOD'S Group was proud to be part of the restoration project for the Colosseum in Rome, making an important financial contribution to help return the symbol of Rome and of Italy’s history to its former glory. Launched in 2011, the restoration work was also commissioned by the then Deputy Commissioner for the Archaeological Areas of Rome and Ancient Ostia, in association with the Special Superintendence for the Colosseum and the Rome archaeological area.



La Scala


In 2011 the TOD'S Group became a Founding Member of the Teatro alla Scala Foundation. The Group is honoured to support a symbol of Italian excellence that is admired around the world.



TOD’S and FAI - Recanati


Restoring the hillside where Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi wrote Infinito is one of the Group’s latest schemes supporting the Italian environment. Its contribution is designed to nurture and enhance a place which epitomises the genius of Leopardi, alongside a series of projects involving the Orto delle Monache orchard, thereby protecting and promoting the village of Recanati and the Marche region at national and international level.





The commitment of the TOD'S Group to the arts is also reflected in its support for PAC – Milan’s Contemporary Art Pavilion – as a sponsor for the annual activities offered by this prestigious space, one of the city’s most important cultural hubs.