Ecodesign and circularity


We are continuously researching ecodesign and circular production processes, involving our supply chains


purchase of main consumable and packaging vs 2022


waste generated vs 2022


non-hazardous waste generated


provision of product repair services


spare parts and accessories provided to customers vs 2022


Limited Edition 105” - FAY Archive


FAY made its debut at Pitti Uomo on 9 January 2024. In the evocative spaces of “La Polveriera”, at the centre of Fortezza da Basso in Florence, FAY retraced the evolution of the FAY ARCHIVE project with a detailed looks at the last few seasons and the presentation of a special “Limited Edition 105” version of the iconic 4 Ganci dedicated to the 105th edition of Pitti Uomo. The limited edition 4 Ganci jacket - produced in just 105 pieces - is the result of the constant research on FAY's archives and global archives specialising in workwear. The idea for this special edition of 4 Ganci came about thanks to the fortuitous discovery of just over a hundred camp tents that had been stored in a warehouse near Naples since the late 1940s, when the Americans left Italy after the Second World War.
FAY acquired the tents in their original form and conserved in their packaging - on small wooden pallets and held together with wire so that they could be parachuted out of the planes. They were then transferred to the FAY laboratories and, thanks to the re-use of the carefully washed and sanitised triple-woven canvas, used to make 105 versions of the 4 Ganci Limited Edition jacket, the canvas of which attests to the age of the material, underlined by the now faded original lettering.