Ecodesign and circularity


We are continuously researching ecodesign and circular production processes, involving our supply chains


Recycle, reuse, reduce. But also rethink, redesign, respect. The Hogan-3R collection is designed with love for our Earth and the people who inhabit it.
Hogan-3R trainers emphasise materials with a low environmental impact. The ultra-light soles, which are produced by including recycled materials, feature an innovative 3D design. Responsible innovation and the conscious use of resources to increasingly reduce waste and create unique objects of great value and durability.
Breaking the mould between formal and informal: this was the challenge (won) back in 1986 by Hogan Traditional, in white canvas with a honey-coloured, genderless sole, inspired by the world of cricket and a discreet, unconventional elegance. Hogan Untraditional is the contemporary version that lives on in the Hogan-3R project: the sustainable and environmentally conscious re-edition of the iconic Hogan Traditional.


As part of its drive to develop more sustainable products, the HOGAN Brand has created the Special Made Upcycled collection, a series of trainers made with fabrics and leathers recovered from the Brand’s archives, creating original limited edition models. Examples are the Hogan Hyperlight trainers and the new H597, presented for the Spring - Summer 2022 season as part of the Upcycled project.


It is the 1980s and the very first Fay 4 Ganci are becoming a cult object in all international capitals. In the heart of the Marche region, the Brand decided to carefully preserve fabrics not used during the production of the iconic jacket, creating a historically rich archive of resources. Forty years later, driven by a curiosity for the world of vintage and workwear, Fay Archive returns to its origins with a sartorial and sustainable creative project. Inspired by an image of Bon Dylan in Long Beach in the 1970s, it transforms precious fabric cuts into new, unique and timeless garments, dressing the 4 Ganci in its original canvas in an exclusive Cut&Sew edition.