Solidarity towards communities and territories


We support initiatives that enable us to cultivate the communities where we operate and generate development and value for local areas.
Local areas, understood as an asset and wealth to be preserved and enhanced, are an integral part of the TOD'S Group philosophy. This is why for years the Group has continued to embark upon local and national initiatives in support of Italy and its other communities.


Donating 1% of net profit


TOD'S Group's commitment to supporting local areas begins with the donation of 1% of its net profit, earmarked for solidarity projects in favour of local communities and in support of the weaker segments of the population in the areas where the Group operates. Through these initiatives, since 2012 TOD'S has had the opportunity to collaborate with a range of volunteer associations, participating actively and passionately in order to promote their work. Starting with food support, which allows for the annual supply of food items to some 30,000 people, as well as the coverage of medical and health expenses for the frail individuals who have been able to take advantage of free welfare, information and recreational services. To support people with disabilities, the “Il volo delle farfalle” (Flight of the Butterflies) initiative was launched, a project aimed at encouraging increased social integration for 250 young people. A special solidarity fund has also been set up to support families in difficulty, while a school-work programme offering training experiences in Italy and abroad has been made available to a group of young students. In reaffirming its commitment to combatting gender-based violence, the Group provides funding to several projects in the provinces of Fermo and Ascoli Piceno. These initiatives have also led to the creation of two youth centres in Casette d'Ete and Comunanza, which act as multifunctional meeting spaces, testifying to the real and concrete attention paid to the people and places touched by the company’s operations.



Allocation 1% net profit to the most vulnerable sections of the local community


Supporting the most vulnerable


Child protection and support for young people


Protection of woman

The Arquata del Tronto factory


In the heart of an area struck by the 2016 earthquake, Tod's Group has established its new factory in Arquata del Tronto. A 2,000 square metre facility dedicated to the production of footwear and built in less than a year, immediately after the earthquake, to give work, hope and a future to the people and families affected by the quakes.



Tod's for San Patrignano


TOD’S Group been working with the community since 2016 to create special collections. In particular, the Group provides free raw materials and sends skilled artisans to design a collection of bags and leather goods and make and sell them. Through carefully planned events and thanks to the involvement of notable ambassadors, the Group was able to use its online communications channels to drive sales both in San Patrignano and at the TOD’S outlet in Casette D’Ete, returning all of its revenues to the community.


San Patrignano


Tod's and Save the Children


Community and tsunamis in Japan

Following the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in 2011, the TOD'S Group got involved with Save the Children in a project to support children, designing and building a nursery school and playground for them.


Punto Luce in Barra

Thanks to the work of Tod's and Save the Children, a new Punto Luce was created in the Barra district of Naples in 2015. A 4,500 square metre space with high educational density built in a disadvantaged neighbourhood with the aim of welcoming children and adolescents to take advantage of educational and fun content, technological devices and dedicated counselling


Hunger emergency in Somalia

In 2022, we supported Save the Children's Hunger Campaign by contributing to the programme to combat malnutrition in Somalia.